We are a private clinic providing healthcare services to people who are without health insurance and have low income.  All services at the Hope Clinic are free of charge. The clinic is open Tuesday and

Wednesday from 8am-4:00 p.m.  Our phone number is 801-568-6700.

To Qualify: Must be 150% below Federal Poverty Guidelines and have no type of insurance. All ages are welcome.


Appointments: Medical exams are by appointment. We cannot provide emergency or urgent care.  If you ever feel that you are having an emergency, go to the emergency room at the nearest hospital. Specialty care is available on assigned days each week.  The patient is referred for specialty care.


Lab Tests: The Intermountain Healthcare lab donates services for blood tests and other tests. Our doctors will determine which tests you need.  If you are asked to come in for a “blood test” you may come in any Tuesday or Wednesday during open hours.


Test Results: When you have a test done at our clinic, we will schedule a follow up appointment. You can also call the clinic and ask about your test results. If the test results are normal, you will be told this by a nurse. If the test results are abnormal you will be asked to come see a doctor to discuss the results. If you receive normal test results but still would like to discuss them with a doctor, wait at the clinic for an opening or make an appointment.


Prescriptions: We will try to prescribe the least expensive medication. Many medications are available for discount prices at local pharmacies.  We do not prescribe narcotics. If you are going to need a refill, we prefer that you ask the pharmacy to fax us a refill request.


Privacy laws prohibit us from sharing your medical information with others. You will need to sign a consent form for us to share your medical information from our clinic with anyone else.


If you need services that we are unable to provide, you can call the general resource line, 211, to obtain the information about other clinics and services. We will be happy to help direct you to the resources available.


Services the clinic provides:

Health and wellness promotion

Blood tests when ordered by our doctor

Diabetes education

Medical education

Specialty Care: Orthopedic, Dermatology, Nephrology, ENT, Minor Surgery, GYN, Diabetic Clinic


Services not provided by the clinic:

Emergency care

Treatment for injuries at work

Treatment for injuries caused by car accidents

Prenatal care or pregnancy issues

Dental exams, dentures, filling cavities, repairing teeth

Direct mental health care

Narcotics prescriptions or controlled substances

Blood tests or other labs ordered by doctors outside this clinic

Medications prescribed by other doctors

Vision exams